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phidippus audax

  1. C

    US Phidippus audax slings i5-i6

    Hey people! I am not normally a seller, so I don't need a profit, I just want to make back approx what I put into this. I found a P audax on my car in/at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. She was gravid and I ended up with 3 sacs of babies. I am currently in Oklahoma City for the summer and really want to...
  2. Phidippus audax

    Phidippus audax

    Instar 6 imm.
  3. Phidippus audax

    Phidippus audax

    I5 imm.
  4. Mascot V2

    Mascot V2

    I guess I'll name him Alex Audax lol
  5. Trouble's Matriarch

    P Audax about to be a mom!

    Well, I should have seen this coming, but I was just hoping our little wild-caught Stranger was a male! I found her in a classroom at my daycare, and took her home to raise as a pet since our current apartment doesn't allow furry friends. Over the last two weeks or more, she has stopped feeding...
  6. P audax

    P audax