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phidippus ardens

  1. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female This specimen far more greatly resembles johnsoni- identification was made easy by having these specimen as an immature.
  2. Phidippus ardens

    Phidippus ardens

    Mature female The name 'ardens' is a reference to these spiders resembling a burning cinder with ash or soot. They are similar to johnsoni but unrelated and are closer to apacheanus, females often have striking high-contrast patterning.
  3. Phidippus ardens 'normal'

    Phidippus ardens 'normal'

    Penultimate female. She looks like a 'standard' common ardens form but could end up maturing way different looking.
  4. Phidippus ardens 'Trimaculata form' female

    Phidippus ardens 'Trimaculata form' female

    Yes I made that name up. It works though. Latin for 'Three-spotted' A strange morph of ardens mostly black. reminds me of the fused spot variation of audax a bit.
  5. Phidippus ardens 'Burning jumper'

    Phidippus ardens 'Burning jumper'

    Penultimate female
  6. Phidippus ardens 'Burning jumper'

    Phidippus ardens 'Burning jumper'

    Mature male. Despite similarity to johnsoni, these are closer to nikites and apacheanus.
  7. Phidippus Ardens 'Burning Jumper'

    Phidippus Ardens 'Burning Jumper'

    Penultimate male.
  8. Phidippus ardens 'grey'

    Phidippus ardens 'grey'

    The 'Burning Jumper' A beautiful species related to nikites and apacheanus- some females have an amazing and unique 'firebird' marking on their abdomen as adults. Can be confused with johnsoni though abdominal markings differ.