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olios giganteus

  1. Olios giganteus sac#2

    Olios giganteus sac#2

    a much larger brood approx. 130 or so.
  2. Olios giganteus i4 sling

    Olios giganteus i4 sling

    Recently molted
  3. MBullock

    US CBCB Giant Crab Spider slings

    Captive bred, captive born 'Giant crab spider' slings- 2-3 cm legspans $30 ea Mother: Father: Baby: SHIPPING: FedEx Priority Overnight-- NOTE- Just a few more sales left til i can permanently offer $5 discount on all sales! thank you for your business! shipping cost...
  4. Olios giganteus i3 sling

    Olios giganteus i3 sling

    enjoying a small eleodes larva
  5. Olios giganteus with spiderling

    Olios giganteus with spiderling

    She was not happy with my intrusion at all. i had my thumb peaking over the rim and she was about to bite me. cool part is you can just give her a huge prey item and she'll feed the bebes
  6. Olios giganteus

    Olios giganteus

    You can see her peering out through the opening she made.
  7. Olios giganteus i3 slings

    Olios giganteus i3 slings

    Once her slings have begun molting into the third instar, the mother tears open an entrance hole. she will now emerge from her brood chamber to hunt and bring food back to her spiderlings, of whom will remain with her for a week or so.