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  1. V

    please help! - bad molt?

    hello, i am a first time tarantula owner who currently has a g. pulchra. i have had this tarantula for about 4 months now, and it finally molted. i noticed behavior was getting strange but didn’t think much of it. then, it entered death curl. i put it into a little ICU based on what i found off...
  2. Exo pending analysis

    Exo pending analysis

    GBB from a fellow member here just molted in my care, can't wait to pull and sex the exo!
  3. A

    Unsexed Avic Avic Pedipalps Turned Grey After Molt...?

    So as a new tarantula hobbyist I purchased my first tarantula, an unsexed Avicularia Avicularia, from a retail pet chain about 6 months ago and we've been doing great! Eating, webbing, everything is going smoothly until we had a very long and tiring pre-molt. My avic protested food for a month...
  4. "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue As of this most recent molt you can see the beautiful blues on their fangs and legs, super exciting!
  5. "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue Woke up this morning to a fresh molt!
  6. Dupid22

    Is this coloring normal?

    After all its other molts it came out bright blue and turquoise on the body and legs. And this time it's so dark. Is that normal? Or did something go wrong?