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  1. Tuca


    Aphonopelma Moderatum Male, sitting against his enclosure's heating pad.
  2. Isaac

    T apophysis 4"

    Theraphosa apophysis 4". Looking for confirmation on sex.
  3. T albopilosus

    T albopilosus

    Juvie male nicuraguan
  4. Keymond69

    l.parahybana Male or Female please ?

    Please help! Male or female?
  5. V

    Can anyone help ??

    I found my chillian rose in what looked like a death curl yesterday morning, as the day progressed we tried to put her in ICU and hydrate her as much as possible from her front and tried her on her back aswell. We have watched lots of videos and at some points yesterday we really did think she...
  6. C

    Male or Female?

    Hello! this is my freshly molted brachypelma hamorii sling. is it a male or a female? if anyone can already tell thanks
  7. Calisoga longitarsis

    Calisoga longitarsis

    mature male
  8. anorachnid

    U.K. Male Theraphosa Stirmi for Breeding

    Hello there, I have 2 adult female T. Stirmis and I am looking for a male or two for breeding I am open to loaning or purchasing a confirmed adult male T. Stirmi (I would also be willing to buy a sub-adult male) I'm not really interested in breeding for money, I only want to keep a few slings...
  9. K

    US FT Mature male lasiodora parahybana

    Our lasiodora parahybana just molted 2 weeks ago and showed his boxing gloves and hooks. He is a beloved pet and we really was hoping for a girl. Instead of watching him just die off, we would love to trade him for a few lasiodora parahybana slings (3-6) to try again for a girl. We really love...
  10. A

    Sexing M. Balfouri

    I'm an amateur having trouble sexing this M. Balfouri, it destroys all of it's molts. I have one confirmed female not pictured, they are very similar. However she only webs up her little hut not her entire enclosure like this one does. I was wondering if maybe the webbing attached to the short...
  11. DSC_0392.JPG


    Mature male Hapalopus sp. comulmbia "large" on loan from Scubasteve.
  12. Jesse g

    US Wanted : Male T's

    Im looking for some males for my ladies, currently I'm in the market for the following male species: C. Versicolor P. Ornata M. Robustum That's about it for now, thought I had a few more for the list but I was wrong, if you have a male of any of those 3 species let me know, thanks for reading