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  1. J

    A. Geniculata Clinging to The Enclosure Corner.

    Hey all, My 6cm-7cm A. Geniculata arrived two days ago. since then, it has only stood on the side of the enclosure. I know it takes a few days for them to settle down, but I think something may be wrong since this is the only location it is hanging out in. When it was first put in the...
  2. A Newcomer to the family

    A Newcomer to the family

  3. RoxanneHawke

    What sex is my curly hair tarantula sling

    I got this sling today, I’m new to the hobby and would love to find out whether this little beauty is a male or female. I feel rude saying ‘it’ all the time and would love to give it an appropriate name. Thanks in advance