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  1. Homalonychus theologus CBCB slings

    Homalonychus theologus CBCB slings

    Juvenile homalonychus remain in a 'créche' for quite some time- at least 2 years. ive seen much older slings around i5 still hanging together in clusters in the wild- i'll suddenly see a bunch of eyeshine around a rodent burrow and it'll be 20 of these guys
  2. Homalonychus theologus

    Homalonychus theologus

    Perhaps the weirdest of all spider eggsacs.
  3. Homalonychus theologus 'theologian sand spider'

    Homalonychus theologus 'theologian sand spider'

    Success!! All or most of them appear to have survived to instar 2 out of approx 30 slings. Look forward to captive born captive bred homalonychus soon!
  4. MBullock


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  5. Homalonychus self-burying behavior

    Homalonychus self-burying behavior

    This behavior is only possible with very fine sand. They will not attempt this with coarser grains
  6. Homalonychus theologus mating

    Homalonychus theologus mating

    This was a failure, unfortunately. the eggs are very difficult to care for
  7. Homalonychus theologus

    Homalonychus theologus

    Mature male
  8. Homalonychus theolgus

    Homalonychus theolgus

    Theologian sand-spider mature female. Similar in behavior to the famous (and dangerous) genus Sicarius, they like to hide in fine sand to camouflage themselves. They have an interesting courtship behavior in which the male covers the female in a 'bridal veil'