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hogna carolinensis

  1. PXL_20221227_021401044.jpg


    Hogna Carolinensis enjoying a snack
  2. hogna carolinensis

    hogna carolinensis

  3. hogna carolinensis i4 sling

    hogna carolinensis i4 sling

    you can tell which ones will grow huge- this 4i sling is already an inch almost.
  4. Hogna carolinensis 'tucson'

    Hogna carolinensis 'tucson'

    yet another 200 mouths to feed lol
  5. Hogna carolinensis

    Hogna carolinensis

    female unknown instar- probably penultimate.
  6. Hogna carolinensis

    Hogna carolinensis

    It stares deep into your soul..