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  1. O

    Gravid Bold Jumping Spider (JUVENILE)

    Hello friends! If jumping spiders aren’t a common topic please let me know and I’ll bring this post elsewhere. I have a female bold jumping spider that’s (maybe) around a quarter inch or less right now. I haven’t seen her out and about for almost a month and honestly figured that she had died. I...
  2. Eremobates SP

    Eremobates SP

    same species as previous female, heavily gravid and soon to oviposit. Ive learned more by watching these animals behave in nature than reading the entire solifuge revision page. Being a naturalist will actually teach you more than any amount of Nuclear morphometric analysis EVER will. ;)
  3. Trouble's Matriarch

    P Audax about to be a mom!

    Well, I should have seen this coming, but I was just hoping our little wild-caught Stranger was a male! I found her in a classroom at my daycare, and took her home to raise as a pet since our current apartment doesn't allow furry friends. Over the last two weeks or more, she has stopped feeding...