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geolycosa gosoga

  1. Geolycosa gosoga mating

    Geolycosa gosoga mating

    Success. This female in particular really liked him and solicited with repeated leg flicks. She made no attempt to harm him afterward
  2. Geolycosa gosoga pairing attempt

    Geolycosa gosoga pairing attempt

    Introducing the male to the female. He's really big just a few mm short of 3". Great care must be taken when introducing male wolf spiders, especially geolycosa which can be very aggressive toward the males. Ive had one chase the male and kill him right after mating.
  3. Geolycosa gosoga mature male

    Geolycosa gosoga mature male

    a large male i found, gonna try one more round with these guys- they are not easy to breed! This genus is probably the most beautiful of all wolf spiders, IMO.
  4. Blue earth wolf slings

    Blue earth wolf slings

    Cute lil babies. cannot be fed melanogaster. they require true flightless fruitflies (D. hydei). once past the first couple of instars they will accept baby red runners
  5. geolycosa gosoga

    geolycosa gosoga

    mature male
  6. Geolycosa gosoga turret

    Geolycosa gosoga turret

    once they settle in like this theyre alot easier to feed.
  7. geolycosa gosoga

    geolycosa gosoga

    to make geolycosa happy you must create a sand and clay mixture and carefully saturate it. adequate ventilation at ground-level is important. it's best to add them whilst the clay is still moist- it assists them in sculpting their turret.