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  1. TwinkleToes19

    Superworm crowding?

    I've noticed after cleaning their enclosure my superworms have been crowding in the corners? Should I be worried or this just normal behavior? I use wheat bran bedding (1 inch atm) and feed them carrots every couple of days. They're are roughly 30 worms in the container. The temperature is also...
  2. TwinkleToes19


    After doing some research and listening to the advice of others on this board l, I've decided to get superworms since I have better access to a smaller amount online. I'm planning to switch to them from crickets bc it's just easier care. I already did the research for how to keep them, but I'd...
  3. TwinkleToes19

    Buying Feeders Online

    Does anyone know a reputable place where I can order feeder insects for my tarantula? I know of a place where I can buy them but it is an hour away and I'd rather have them shipped for convienece so I don't have to make that drive too often. I may look into breeding them myselves later on but I...
  4. Tarantulex

    Neoholothele Incei Olive feeding concern!

    Incoming noob question- I recently became a first time tarantula parent. I was originally going for a G. pulchripes but was also gifted with a N. Incei olive. I have not gotten a very good look at her (as she likes to hide) but I was told she is an adult. All has been going great but now I am...