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  1. A

    My tarantula eats in her cave and I don’t know how to clean it

    My Brachypelma hamorii decided to eat in her cave. Everytime I feed her she goes to her cave and I can’t pick up the lefts cuz she has barricaded herself and made spiderwebs. What should I do? Should I move the cave to pick up the lefts?
  2. AntrozousPallidus12

    US 2,000+ organic mealworms (Western Mass)

    I have about 2,000+ big organic mealworms (grown on organic wheat bran and organic carrots only) available. Can use to start your own mealworm farm or to feed directly to pets. Can buy smaller quantities for less. PM me for pricing. Can only do direct pickup or meetup in Western Mass. No...