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  1. MBullock

    Solifugae can double-clutch!

    Apparently, solifugae can lay more than one clutch! One of my female eremobates Sp. survived one clutch and is developing more eggs again. As i work with them more, and more, i'm figuring out that the most people studying them dont seem to be making many behavioral studies and are more...
  2. Eremobates SP

    Eremobates SP

    same species as previous female, heavily gravid and soon to oviposit. Ive learned more by watching these animals behave in nature than reading the entire solifuge revision page. Being a naturalist will actually teach you more than any amount of Nuclear morphometric analysis EVER will. ;)
  3. Eremobates SP

    Eremobates SP

    The male counterpart of said un-described species of Eremobates. Extremely nervous and seems to have even better eyesight than other eremobatidae. aggressive compared to other eremobates and will bite with little provocation.
  4. Eremobates SP

    Eremobates SP

    Undescribed 2" female eremobates species, gravid. neither kastoni nor vicinus. The region it came from has largely been ignored by people studying solifugae. overwinters as a late-instar nymph, then emerges again in spring when temps are high enough. mature males and females are gone in july.