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  1. LtSnep

    Time for some eats Big Ounce!

    My T. Albo, Big Ounce, enjoying a tasty Dubia! I love this fluffy lil fella lol. Have a great day everyone!
  2. Y

    Curly hair stuck in molt?

    Hi guys. I have an adult curly hair that i got from petco around July/August. I went on a 4 day vacation and just got home and she seems to be molting (she hasnt molted with me before), but she isnt moving at all. She is laying on her back under her half log currently. Should i be concerned? Im...
  3. RoxanneHawke

    What sex is my curly hair tarantula sling

    I got this sling today, I’m new to the hobby and would love to find out whether this little beauty is a male or female. I feel rude saying ‘it’ all the time and would love to give it an appropriate name. Thanks in advance