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  1. Pachygrapsus crassipes

    Pachygrapsus crassipes

    recently metamorphosed from the megalops stage. These crabs are extremely intelligent, and you can virtually teach them hand signals like wiggling your fingers to tell them you have food.
  2. Striped shore crab

    Striped shore crab

    Keeping this guy as a pet. He'll eventually reach approx 8-10 inches in legspan and will be capable of drawing blood at that size so i better socialize him now!
  3. Leptuca crenulata burrow- California/mexican hermit crab

    Leptuca crenulata burrow- California/mexican hermit crab

    the only californian member of the family, mostly found in mexico. like all fiddlers, frequents estuaries.
  4. Pachygrapsus crassipes -Striped shore crab

    Pachygrapsus crassipes -Striped shore crab

    Grapsidae is a family of terrestrial air-breathing crabs known for their acrobatics and brilliant coloration. This family includes the famous Sally Lightfoot crabs of the galapagos islands which have a mutualistic relationship with marine iguanas in which they groom them and remove parasites.