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ceratogyrus marshalli

  1. NotArachnophobic

    What should be my first OW?

    so im new to tarantula keeping and i have some experience and think im ready for my first OW t. ive been considering an M. Balfouri, a C. Darlingi, and a Marshalli. but i cant decide on which one is better for me. i adore the balfouris colors but it seems less relaxed than the darlingi or...
  2. C marshalli

    C marshalli

    Pretty little eyes
  3. C marshalli

    C marshalli

  4. C marshalli

    C marshalli

    I read somewhere that they are called baboons because the legs sticking out of their burrows resembles a baboon's fingers...
  5. C marshalli

    C marshalli

  6. Ceratogyrus marshalli pairing attempt

    Ceratogyrus marshalli pairing attempt

    Ceratogyrus marshalli pairing attempt
  7. Gunnies Spiders

    US Slings!!!! Slings packs!! Dubias!!

    UNSEXED SLINGS: Brachypelma Albopilosum .5"+ (Hobby form) $12 Caribena Versicolor 1" $25 or 3/$60 Ceratogyrus Marshalli 3/4" $15 Sale! or 3/$30 Davus Fasciatus 1" $30 (Limited!) Hapalopus Sp. Columbia (Lg) .5" Well started for this species! $15 Sale! Haplocosmia Himalayana 3/4"...