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  1. MBullock

    A video of my desert carpenter ants

    It's a really simple setup- just a 13 oz delicup filled with pure dune sand, placed into an outworld of.. ..Pure dune sand. The red liquid is a mixture of pure cane sugar, water and blackberry preserves. Ive had them for a while now, the colony is quite mature with several large major workers.
  2. Camponotus absquatulator

    Camponotus absquatulator

    I'm pretty sure ive kept these going longer than anyone else. theyre still going strong!
  3. camponotus abquatulator nanitic

    camponotus abquatulator nanitic

    recently deceased, the nanitic workers never last long, and are only around to get the momentum of the colony going. later workers live for years.
  4. Camponotus fragilis

    Camponotus fragilis

    queen and new workers. These new workers are called 'nanitics' and have a short lifespan; their purpose is to survive long enough to sustain the queen for a second brood- this second brood is far more robust. This species is from the scrub and deserts of the southwest states