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  1. FluffyLegz

    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I’m new to the tarantula hobby and currently have 2 tarantulas One is a Brachypelma Smithi (not hamorii) that i named Toaster The other is a Tliltocatl Albopilosus i named Lint Attached to this post are pictures of Lint when i first got them because they were exploring around. Since...
  2. CMurphy

    1 + inch b. smithi question about sex..

    Meet my liI Rosie! I know it's probably to early right now. But if this lol spood keeps taking pictures like this it shouldn't be too hard.. Lol any ways, about what spood size, will give the best results pertaining to visual sexing?
  3. CMurphy

    b. smithi spood..

    This is Rosie and is an absolute doll. Molted about five weeks ago and is easy to do it again... Got a big fat butt...