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birdeating spider

  1. C

    P Metallic sexing?

    Hi everyone, This is my P. Metallica I’ve had for almost a year, haven’t actually named it yet as I’m unsure on the sex of it, is anyone able to offer their opinion as to what it looks like? Thanks :)
  2. StumpsExotics

    US ISO Mature Female Lasiodora Parahybana

    I've got a mature male i'm trying to do my first breed project with. PM me or email at [email protected]
  3. Lasiodora Difficilis

    Lasiodora Difficilis

    This little cutie pie is growing so fast! I got her in Feb this year and she has just molted for the 4th time! (Pic captured on 5/17 when i moved her to her next enclosure)!
  4. Tony's Ts

    US Wanted T Strimi(ies?)

    Looking for a reasonably priced, female T stirmi sling or juvie Regards, Tony
  5. Dave Jay

    Australian Tarantula Videos,Pictures and Information

    As the title says, this thread will be where any interesting video,pictures and information regarding Australian Tarantulas can be posted. I know it would have saved me hours if such a thread existed when I started researching. Please add anything you find online, or better yet your own content...