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  1. thespiderroom

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  2. Adrian

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  3. P


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  4. Diabolical Ironclad Beetle

    Diabolical Ironclad Beetle

    Found this guy while while camping.
  5. Nothopleurus lobigenis

    Nothopleurus lobigenis

    an interesting prionid beetle with stag beetle-like mandibles.
  6. Plionoma suturalis

    Plionoma suturalis

    Host plants are Prosopis sp.
  7. Cryptoglossa muricata and Asbolus laevis

    Cryptoglossa muricata and Asbolus laevis

    Asbolus laevis- the smooth death feigning beetle, and Cryptoglossa muricata- the muricate death-feigning beetle. Both are named for their shell textures- 'Laevis' means 'Smooth', whilst 'Muricata' means 'covered in small sharp points', a reference to the somewhat spiny texture of the shell.
  8. Moneilema gigas 'giant cactus longhorn' female

    Moneilema gigas 'giant cactus longhorn' female

    This genus mimics eleodes with its shiny black appearance. found mostly on Cylindropuntia or opuntia. Like most longhorns, these stridulate when held. Males are more elongate, with a body-shape similar to eleodes armata, the desert stink-beetle.
  9. Edrotes ventricosus

    Edrotes ventricosus

    A cute little tenebrionid native throughout deserts in the southwest. larvae feed on roots, adults feed on grasses and amaranths
  10. Coelocnemis magna 'Greater false stink-beetle'

    Coelocnemis magna 'Greater false stink-beetle'

    (the big shiny ones) These- like all coelocnemis species- are mimics of the genus Eleodes, but cannot spray a defensive liquid, they instead drop a very strong smelling fecal pellet. their golden feet easily distinguishes them from eleodes. Larvae have a powerful bite, and can draw blood easily.
  11. Ophryastes argentatus 'Silver Desert weevil'

    Ophryastes argentatus 'Silver Desert weevil'

    Much larger than the other species in this genus, these can reach 2cm or greater in size. like the majority of the species in this genus, they can be readily found on creosotebush.
  12. Apleurus albovestitus

    Apleurus albovestitus

    another large desert weevil, this time in the cylindrical weevil family. these are mostly found on saltbush (atriplex) and can be found in huge numbers around the salton sink region
  13. Ophryastes desertus

    Ophryastes desertus

    Widespread throughout the mojave and colorado desert, the most common of the 'desert weevils'. Like nearly all ophryastes species, these are mostly found on creosotebush
  14. Phloeodes diabolicus 'Diabolical ironclad beetle'

    Phloeodes diabolicus 'Diabolical ironclad beetle'

    The powerful shell of this species allows it to easily survive when hikers step on them. breeding is difficult but not impossible. the larvae are predaceous, with powerful mandibles. Their host tree is Platanus racemosa, the california sycamore, within the loose outer cork-like bark.
  15. Cysteodemus armatus -'Inflated blister beetle'

    Cysteodemus armatus -'Inflated blister beetle'

    Like all blister beetles, this genus is a parasitoid of orhoptera, this species targets solitary nesting bees and wasps and can be found all over the desert floor in spring. they're often seen coated heavily with so much pollen they appear to be yellow or white at times.
  16. E

    Large amount of mold in mealworm container

    Hi all, If there is another post about this then I apologize, but I looked around and couldn't find anything that would really help me. So a week or two ago I put a couple baby carrots in with my mealworms. They're just in the default container, plastic one about 5 inches in diameter, from...
  17. Dave Jay

    Tiger Beetle

    I want one of these now!!! lol Seriously though, I will be looking very carefully on my next trip to the Mallee!
  18. Dave Jay

    Beetles in the Australian Murray Mallee Region.

    These large beetles were abundant under large pieces of cover, mostly human rubbish like sheets of metal or wood. As yet I haven't tried to ID them, but they are quite large, well over an inch long in the body with long legs. My wife caught one and put it in a tub but it made so much noise we...