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  1. E

    Large amount of mold in mealworm container

    Hi all, If there is another post about this then I apologize, but I looked around and couldn't find anything that would really help me. So a week or two ago I put a couple baby carrots in with my mealworms. They're just in the default container, plastic one about 5 inches in diameter, from...
  2. Dave Jay

    Tiger Beetle

    I want one of these now!!! lol Seriously though, I will be looking very carefully on my next trip to the Mallee!
  3. Dave Jay

    Beetles in the Australian Murray Mallee Region.

    These large beetles were abundant under large pieces of cover, mostly human rubbish like sheets of metal or wood. As yet I haven't tried to ID them, but they are quite large, well over an inch long in the body with long legs. My wife caught one and put it in a tub but it made so much noise we...