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apache jumper

  1. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    Feeding on Melanoplus aridus (Arid-lands spur-throated grasshopper)
  2. P. apacheanus

    P. apacheanus

    i3 sling in-situ
  3. Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Phidippus apacheanus 'brown'

    Apache jumpers are strange- this population is full of huge specimens, yet another area nearby is full of tiny specimens that never reach 15mm. At any rate i'll have lots of eggsacs next year.. @_@ good thing i have a perpetual fruitfly harvest :D
  4. Phidippus apacheanus

    Phidippus apacheanus

    Macro of a mature male showing his beautiful fiery orange scales
  5. Phidippus apacheanus 'red form'

    Phidippus apacheanus 'red form'

    Apacheanus is well-known for being highly variable in patterning. This is the less-common red form.