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  1. Telson

    Asia - School Project

    I would put this on the card: Known to go from 0-60 mph suddenly. Also part jumping spider. Mine is a freakishly fast little demon during rehousing. Never once has she given me a threat pose, but she did bite the girl who sold her to me. She shrugged it off like a boss :)
  2. Telson

    B boehmei

    Anyone seen any sexed female boehmei for sale from reputable US breeders? My male is creeping up on his last few molts and I want a female for him. And me. We'll share her ;)
  3. Telson


    Sounds like spider no eaty syndrome. Im very sorry.:rolleyes: I kid. As the others said, let it get hardened up, and it will start eating again.
  4. Telson

    Parahybana or striatipes?

    Ive found that Lasiodora parahybana, like many species, come in slightly different shades, whether its regional or just slight changes before or after a molt, I don't know. I find it difficult to tell a few of the species apart. My dificilis looks like my Lp, to me. But its only 3 inches or so...
  5. Telson

    anyone ever bought from Heartland Invertebrates????

    I got the same thing a long time ago so I never tried to buy from them...
  6. Telson

    Pink toe keeping

    Jaimies tarantulas Kenthebugguy Petcenterusa... Wait, are you in the US? Petco sometimes has them.. But yeah theres loads of reputable breeders/sellers. Check our vendor review section, theres also breeders active on this site.
  7. Telson

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    My little three inch baby is ok, she kicks hair though.
  8. Telson

    Acanthoscurria geniculata

    Mine collects paintbrushes and tries to bite me at every opportunity..lol. love her.
  9. Telson

    Finally have a T again

    Cute sling. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Telson

    T recommendations?

    Docility is dependent on the individual spider. There are B smithi with serious attitude problems. Most of them are very docile though. In my experience A geniculata is a look but dont touch spider. Both of mine are, at any rate. My big girl will bite very quickly and is not intimidated by me at...
  11. Telson

    Just molted, Male or Female?

    Im going to say female. Could be wrong though, she's not well developed yet. Perhaps someone else can say.
  12. Telson

    Emilia vs Smithi...

    You never know what a spiders temperament will be. From one year to the next. Truthiness.
  13. Telson

    Just molted, Male or Female?

    In one pic the pin is right in the way, in the close up its shadowed. Can you get a flat close up of the slit between the top booklungs? And you could also try opening it. Look up "spermathecae index" Im guessing female atm, but it's just a guess. Whats the dls? 2 or 3" maybe?
  14. Telson

    Nicolas' gang of fools...

    Just moving the platus and the klassi to the last page. I sometimes come to stare at them. :(
  15. Telson

    Does she look okay?

    Mites will dessicate, dry out and die, much faster than a spider. Completely remove all substrate, water dish, and any prey leftovers, let stand for 3 weeks, and you wont have them, be they springtails or mites. ;)