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    Welcome to the forum! Although that substrate is not ideal for tarantulas...
  2. Tarantulafeets

    Entomological humor thread

    What's the strongest tarantula? Brachypelma all biceps
  3. Tarantulafeets

    Madagascar Hissing Roach…

    Here's what a freshly molted roach looks like (adult female dubia) molt on upper right
  4. Tarantulafeets

    Look what hatched today

    There's just something about seeing a momma t poking out of its hide with a bunch of babies everywhere that makes me smile. But there is also the looming task of having to collect and sort them all lol
  5. Tarantulafeets

    Please help!! (uusual behaviour)

    That looks like a death curl...
  6. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    Almost flipped over while tackling the roach lol
  7. Tarantulafeets

    Aphonopelma seemani after molt.

    I don't think that they are sexually dimorphic...
  8. Tarantulafeets

    Advice needed! First time T owner

    Nothing really looks wrong with the enclosures, but the A seemanni needs deep, moist substrate near the bottom, can't really tell because there are no full shots of the enclosure. I would stop spraying, especially directly into their burrow, as this really disturbs them. You can just pour water...
  9. Tarantulafeets

    He or She

    Definitely female
  10. Tarantulafeets

    Who's molted today

    Your A genic looks more like a Brachypelma to me...
  11. Heterochaeta orientalis

    Heterochaeta orientalis

    Lovely face
  12. Tarantulafeets

    What is the "normal" # of T's a person should have?

    I have 22, and I try to limit myself because all the slings you have will eventually become adults, and the adult enclosures will take up more space.
  13. H villosella

    H villosella

    New addition
  14. C darlingi

    C darlingi

    New addition