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  1. T-Baby

    U.K. LP and Albopilosum

    Both Unsexed, eating like champs, RMSD £10 LAG 24hours with full refund upon proof of DOA. PayPal accepted, any questions feel free to ask! Pictures available on request, thanks for looking. Lasiodora Parahybana 4.5inches £20 Tlilocatl Albopilosum 3.5inches £20 Both for £35
  2. T-Baby

    T - Baby.

    So pleased she’s got a lovely home, she’s such a sweet heart. You’re always a pleasure to deal with, thank you.
  3. T-Baby

    U.K. Albopilosum’s and MM’s for sale

    AF Albopilosum SOLD MM LP on HOLD MM Vagans on HOLD
  4. T-Baby

    U.K. Albopilosum’s and MM’s for sale

    @m0lsx She is still available
  5. T-Baby

    U.K. Albopilosum’s and MM’s for sale

    RMSD £10 with heat pack if required, deals on multiples and will listen to all offers. DOA for 24hours with full refund. PayPal payment taken. X4 Tlilocatl Albopilosum 2.5-3inches Unsexed £10 each (Nicaragua form) AF Tlilocatl Albopilosum £20 (Honduran form) very very sweet girl MM LP MM...
  6. T-Baby

    Mated my p metalica female with salmon pink

    Please remove this person or thread.
  7. AF H. Chilensis

    AF H. Chilensis

    Named Iris by my son.
  8. Unsexed large juvenile G. Pulchra

    Unsexed large juvenile G. Pulchra

    Stubborn enough to not get out the catch cup.
  9. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media 'G.rosea (F)'

    Beautiful lady, very appropriately named x
  10. T-Baby

    U.K. Huge tarantula list

  11. T-Baby

    U.K. Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Hey, thanks @Konstantin for tagging me but I sadly sold the Chalcodes I had a few weeks back however I will keep a look out for the OP!
  12. T-Baby

    Comment by 'T-Baby' in media '20201116_210342.jpg'

    100% female
  13. T-Baby

    U.K. Huge tarantula list

    Collection is welcome as I have glass tanks available too but please *wear a mask* and all transactions to be completed on the doorstep or RMSD £10 with heat pack 2 hours LAG after arrival with proof. Pm me for prices, pictures and info! !Very good deals to be had on multiples! Enjoy browsing...
  14. T-Baby

    U.K. Various MM’s for sale

    Lol it’s you that lives far away!
  15. T-Baby

    U.K. Various MM’s for sale

    Various MM’s for sale, no loaning. RMSD £10 with heat pack, £10 each MM, cheap as I can’t tell you when they matured. Pictures available on request! Ceratogyrus Darlingi Nhandu Chromatus Tapinauchenius Violaceus Tilocatl Albopilosum (Honduran) Chilobrachys Dyscolus Phormictopus Cancerides...