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U.K. Huge tarantula list


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Collection is welcome as I have glass tanks available too but please *wear a mask* and all transactions to be completed on the doorstep or RMSD £10 with heat pack 2 hours LAG after arrival with proof.
Pm me for prices, pictures and info!
!Very good deals to be had on multiples!
Enjoy browsing

X3 Aphonopelma Seemanni - Zebra Leg, unsexed 3-4inches £15 each
Alvicularia Metallica - Metallic Pink Toe, Female 4inches £35
Brachypelma Boehmei - Fireleg, suspect male 5cm £15
Ceratogyrus Darlingi - Horned Baboon, unsexed size unknown £20
X2 Chilobrachys Dyscolus - Vietnam Blue, unsexed size unknown £15 each
X2 Cyriopagopus Hati Hati - Purple Earth Tiger, unsexed size unknown £15 each
Cyriopagopus Minax - Thailand Black, unsexed 1inch £15
Davus Pentaloris - Guatemalan Tiger Rump, unsexed 2inches £20
Grammostola Pulchripes - Chaco Golden Knee, suspect male 3.5inches £20
Hapolopus Columbia - Pumpkin Patch, unsexed 1inch £10
Hysterocrates Gigas - Cameroon Red Baboon, unsexed size unknown £20
Lasiodora Parahybana - Salmon Pink Birdeater, unsexed 5inches £25
Monocentropus Balfouri - Socotra Island Blue Baboon, unsexed 2.5inches £25
Omothymus Schioedtei - Malaysian Earth Tiger, Female 4inches £30
Phormictopus Auratus - Cuban Bronze, unsexed size unknown £15
Poecilotheria Metallica - Gooty Ornamental, unsexed size unknown £20
Poecilotheria Regalis - Indian Ornamental, unsexed 5inches £25
Psalmopoeus Irminia - Venezuelan Sun Tiger, unsexed 3inches £20
Pterinopelma Sazimai - Brazilian Blue, unsexed 2inches £20
Pterinochilus Murinus - OBT, unsexed size unknown £20
Tilocatl Albopilosum - Curly Hair, unsexed 3.5inches £25
Tilocatl Vagans - Mexican Red Rump, unsexed 1.5inches £15
*Huntsmen Crab Spider, unsexed 1inch £20
*Selenocosmia Kovariki (Can not guarantee this species) unsexed, size known £20

MM section £10 each

Ceratogyrus Darlingi - Rear Horned Baboon
Chilobrachys Dyscolus - Vietnam Blue
Nhandu Chromatus - Brazilian Red and White
Ornithoctonus Aureotibialis - Thailand Golden Fringe
Phormictopus Cancerides - Haitian Brown
Tilocatl Albopilosum - Curly Hair
Tapinauchenius Violaceus - Purple Tree Spider
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