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  • i also have GBB slings in their 3rd instar going for $35 for 5, then 6 to 10 they become $30ea. i also have late 4th instar OBTs. they are going for $10.
    ea if you want to do any trading im always open.
    hi, thanks for reaching out to me. and yes, i would love your C marshalli!
    is he already mature and if he is, when did he molt last how large is he?.
    if he is already matured, he is worth about $45-$50. if he is stil a
    juvenile or sub adult (not matured), i'd pay you $65. one other thing, i
    truly want this spider but am out of funds till the 2nd. would you hold him
    for me please?
    Hello, I moved your thread "Goliath Birdeater Diet" to the General Discussions forum. :)
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