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  1. Mattkc

    T. vagans sling trio

    They’re growing fast and looking fat and healthy- congrats on the female!
  2. Mattkc


    Just my two cents... I've worked with Casey for years, both buying & selling, and as anyone who's been involved long enough in this hobby knows, not all transactions will work out as expected. However, what truly matters in the end is that persons honor/integrity, whether the responsible person...
  3. Mattkc

    US Female Breeders

    All sold - thanks to all who inquired
  4. Mattkc

    US Female Breeders

    Buyer backed out; so all are back up for sale! Will accept best offer by 8-10-20; PM with any reasonable offer :) Thanks for looking - stay healthy and safe!
  5. Mattkc

    US Looking for a mature female b.vagans!

    Hey Nick, I have two females listed for sale at the link below, if interested in starting a T vagans breeder program: https://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/female-breeders.27099/ My girls produced unusually large egg sacs last year and this summer. These girls will be ready to breed again...
  6. Mattkc

    US Female Breeders

    I would prefer selling as a set, however if someone offered to purchase one individually, I would sell them separate...
  7. Mattkc

    US Female Breeders

    ***Will consider any reasonable offer on my T's :) - thanks for looking! Forgot to include TOS: Transactions via PayPal. Buyer pays cost of the animal plus shipping. Shipping via FEDEX or USPS overnight or two day. Shipping cost based on FedEx & USPS shipping rates to your ZIP code. Live...
  8. Mattkc

    US Female Breeders

    1) Two young adult Tlitocatl vagans females - both are exceptional proven breeders - $700 (for both girls). These girls are by far the most fertile I have ever worked with. T. vagans #5 is her first year breeding, and T vagans #2 is her second year. T vagans #5 produced 909 slings this month...
  9. Mattkc

    Comment by 'Mattkc' in media 'T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 .jpg'

    I’ll be counting them when they turn 2i in about 3 weeks. I suspect by the size of her egg sac, it will be around the same as she did last year, approximately 1200 slings!
  10. Mattkc

    Comment by 'Mattkc' in media 'T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 (1).jpg'

    I suspect twice that many ;)!
  11. T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 .jpg

    T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 .jpg

    My T. vagans super mom laid another huge sac this year - pulled and opened on 7-11-20. She may have outperformed herself from last year when she produced an amazing 1215 slings!
  12. T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 (1).jpg

    T. vagans (#2) Egg Sac Pulled 7-11-20 (1).jpg

    Super mom T. vagans egg sac opened up in incubator - lots of 1i slings!
  13. Mattkc

    Comment by 'Mattkc' in media 'T vagans 2i sling - molt date 7-4-20 .jpg'

    It is actually a relatively easy process for me - I usually wholesale my slings to Michael from Island Sea Exotics, Mount Dora, Florida. I've worked with him for several years now and he is very professional and easy to work with. The hardest part is counting them, which can take some time due...
  14. T vagans 2i sling - molt date 7-4-20 .jpg

    T vagans 2i sling - molt date 7-4-20 .jpg

    Did my final sling count on my young first year breeder T. vagans (female #5). Pictured is one of the 909 2i slings she produced! Will pull my second egg sac this year from my other girl (female #2) this week who produced 1215 slings last year...
  15. Mattkc

    T. vagans sling trio

    Really nice living environment you made for these guys - they will do well in your care! Don’t forget to consistently wet a small area around the water bowl once a week to maintain a higher humidity level. This species is found in a more humid tropical environments from the Mexican Yucatán...