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0.0.0= Male Female Unsexed
ie : 1.3.8 = 1 male 3 female 8 unsexed

BCF - blue color form
DCF – dark color form

LCF – light color form
NCF – normal color form
PCF-- pink color form
RCF – red color form
TCF – typical color form

Apho/Aphos – Tarantula of the genus Aphonopelma
Avic – Tarantula of the genus Avicularia
Avic avic – Avicularia avicularia (pinktoe tarantula)
Baboon spider – Tarantula species from Africa
Blondi - GBE - Goliath – Theraphosa blondi (goliath birdeater tarantula)
Brachy – Tarantula of the genus Brachypelma
CRZ - Aphonopelma seemanni (Costa Rican zebra tarantula)
curly - Brachypelma albopilosum (curlyhair tarantula)
Ecamp - Eupalaestrus campestratus (pink zebra beauty tarantula)
GBB - Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (green bottleblue tarantula)
genic - Acanthoscurria geniculata (whitebanded tarantula)
Grammy – Tarantula of the genus Grammostola
KB - Pelinobius muticus (king baboon tarantula)
Lassies – Tarantulas of the genus Lasiodora
LBJ = little brown jobby – any of the plain looking brown tarantulas
OBT – Pterinochilus murinus (Mombasa golden starburst) – also called orange baboon tarantula or orange bitey thing
Ornamental Spider - Tarantula of the genus Poecilotheria
Pokie – Tarantula of the genus Poecilotheria
Psalmo – Tarantula of the genus Psalmopoeus
PZB - Eupalaestrus campestratus (pink zebra beauty tarantula)
rosie - Grammostola rosea (Chilean rose tarantula)
Taps – Tarantula of the genus Tapinauchenius
versi – Avicularia versicolor (Antilles pinktoe tarantula)

June 20
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