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Recent content by Elizabeth_S

  1. Elizabeth_S

    US Cyriocosmus elegans female

    Fear Not Tarantulas has some, I just bought one myself!
  2. Elizabeth_S

    US FS B. hamorii females $80, b. albiceps, nhandus + more

    I am interested in a B. hamorii female if you have any left!
  3. Elizabeth_S

    US Looking for G. pulchra Female

    Thanks guys! Yes I saw Arachnophiliacs but I am in the US so unfortunately they won't work for me. If anyone runs into a US seller with female G. pulchra let me know!
  4. Elizabeth_S

    US Looking for G. pulchra Female

    I am searching for a confirmed female G. pulchra of any size, my adorable little sling unfortunately turned out to be male on his last molt, and this is a species I want to keep for a long time. Let me know what you have available! Elizabeth