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    US JAN2020 Stock List _ 10% off entire purchase!

    Below you will find our current stock list. Any questions, message me here, or email me - [email protected] www.03arachnids.com You can place your order via online. 10% off PROMO CODE - NEWSTART! SLINGS: Avicularia avicularia M6 3/4" $ 20.00 Brachionopus sp...
  2. Austin S.

    US March 2020 Pre Import List's

    Some more lists have been added! For example: List #3: (BL = BODY LENGTH) Females, Pairs: Birupes simoroxigorum 2"+ BL - $800ea (FREE sling) Caribena laeta AF - $120ea Cyriopagopus albostriatum 2"+ BL - $120ea Cyriopagopus sp. “Hati Hati” AF - $120ea Haplopelma sp. “Bach Ma” AF - $400ea...
  3. Austin S.

    US March 2020 Pre Import List's

    Yes, I am personally buying some
  4. Austin S.

    US March 2020 Pre Import List's

    Pre Import Selections https://www.03arachnids.com/importation-inventory We are now offering advantages for members of the community, to hop on the import bus, and hand select what they personally want, at a lower price compared to what most see. We are very excited to be able to share this...
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    US 03Arachnids Updated List! Ts,Scorps,Trues,Pedes,Mantids,Assasin bugs, etc!

    BUMP. LAST day to get this great discount on your order!
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    US 03Arachnids Updated List! Ts,Scorps,Trues,Pedes,Mantids,Assasin bugs, etc!

    The following is available through www.03arachnids.com For all orders, please place it through our site. For all questions, feel free to ask me here, or email me. TOS is at the bottom of the list on this page. We will be starting a Black Friday sale, on Wed. 11/27. All orders will receive 20%...
  7. Austin S.

    Hes back!!!!

    Pretty cool dude. Was always a fan of him. I friended him on FB, but not sure he has read my message. Told him I will compile a list of cool personal species, and he can pick one for free. Kind of a 'Thanks for everything". So if anyone has spoken with him, or continues to do so, tell him to...
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    US The BEST Arachnid/Invert. Containers you can get your hands on - for CHEAP!!

    These are only available for a limited time, and remaining will be sold fairly quickly I imagine. Here is a group photo of them all: You can order them on my site, or message me here if you want large quantities. https://www.03arachnids.com/enclosures All containers are super clear, very...
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    This post is a few years old. However, I love GBB's. Let me know if you're interested in trading. You can view my selection's here: www.03arachnids.com
  10. Austin S.

    US NEW 10/20/19! C. lividum, C. albostriatum & NEW hatch out of the beautiful A. juruensis M2s!

    Hey buddy, AB is taking too long. I PM'd you here. I know you don't like that, so email me - [email protected]
  11. Austin S.

    US Haploclastus devamata (Ex. T. psychedelicus) slings!

    They are available yes. www.03arachnids.com
  12. Austin S.

    US 03Arachnids _ Updated Stocklist

    Updated Stock List! 15% off all orders over $200, excluding shipping. Promo is: SAVESOME Let me know if you have any questions. More is also available online. 03Arachnids <--- TOS is at the bottom of the list. (NO LINK) You can order directly through the website, anything listed here. For...
  13. Austin S.

    Holothele Sericea revision?

    Very interesting indeed. The ones which we imported, lack dorsal abdominal setae patches. However, I am not 100% convinced they were even sericeus to begin with:
  14. Austin S.

    US SA - Adult Aphonopelma bicoloratum PAIRS

    Yes, you heard it right. When was the last time to hear pairs of this species being sold?! We have them in! 1.1 subadult - adult The males are subadult, and some females are subadult, some females are adults. $525ea!! That price is for both a male AND female. Don't snooze on these, they will...