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Little clip from my video out on YouTube on monday
I'm aware you know the T and it's temperament. We also have Ts that we could move around freely like this. But if your looking to make your channel educational I'd recommend demonstrating the correct procedures. Last thing you want is someone to watch your video of a Hamorii rehouse and do the same, and get bitten
And if you watched all 94 of my videos you would see its the 1st time I've ever handled one, and have given the advice DO NOT HANDLE, not only in my videos but podcasts, tarantula books/magazines. Most people say do your research before buying a tarantula, let me give you some advice research the person before saying anything
I was giving advice. A beginner in the hobby who is looking for a Hamorii rehouse isn’t going to listen to 94 videos of bull**** and read everything you spew. They’re going to find a video (hopefully not come across yours) and use similar techniques as the rehouse was successful. Maybe your lack of ability to take feedback in and not get defensive is the reason your not growing how you would like on YouTube. Good luck
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So easily triggered and that's the problem with the world today, your first mistake was trying to offer advice when it wasn't asked for, your 2nd mistake was assuming I didn't know already the "advice" you was going to say, 3rd mistake getting all bent up cause someone really dosent care for you "godly generic know it all spewed out" advice. That is hilarious, but I do need to thank you for One thing, you are totally giving me the evidence I need on a video I'm also making titled "how to deal with the one know it all arsehole in tarantula groups" so cheers mate have a great day
I’m not going to argue with you because your not worth my time, was just trying to be helpful. We already get people come onto the forum asking for help because they’ve watched dark den or exotics lair (channels like yours that only care for numbers, althou unlike you they are successful) and are having issues because of poor information. I’m glad I can give you evidence for someone who knows it all and hope all 7 people who see the video have an entertaining 3 minutes. But one last piece of advice that isn’t asked for, out of the videos I’ve seen of yours and the clips you’ve posted on the forum (from my research) your going to fail on YouTube because you care too much about subscriber count. The people who comment on your videos are only bothered about the “giveaways” and the lack of excitement or personality you express on the videos make it almost a chore to watch.

Have a lovely day
Wow u make it sound like I'm out there riding exploited elephants and getting in cages with tigers in Thailand which would be far worse!!!
Anything to avoid answering questions that put you in dispute I guess? But then that doesn't surprise me , I've seen comments on your videos giving you advice that you **** down and I also know that you've deleted comments from some very experienced keepers because you disagree. Btw it's fine to disagree but to delete the comment is hilarious to me.
Have I I believe the only really experienced keeper I've had endorsing what I do is Tom Moran so please name these experienced keepers and the comments..... I'm waiting
That's cute, from all the videos I've looked through (doubling your viewer count so you can thank me later) Tom has commented once, saying the p met is a nice looking t , he wishes people would stop demonising them and cylinder enclosures are a pain. If you see that as endorsement then ok...
While on that video there was a comment from a member of this forum (the most successful and experienced keeper on this forum) and he also gave you advice which you quickly shut down and even dropped Toms name into the comment even thou Tom himself said nothing. This will be my last response to you thou as I have things to do. <3

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