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I feel so bad here it is I've done it again. Jessica my little Peruvian blonde never shows herself for many months at a time. And I just tore up her house again to make sure she was still okay. I've done this like four times now since I've gotten there and I feel bad every single time. I just worry.
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Jessica is a little cutie!! As a sling (like with most) they tend to burrow. I understand you being worried because you haven’t seen her in a while, but you shouldn’t keep checking on her and disrupting her. Imagine someone came by and ripped the roof off your house because they haven’t seen you lately. From that picture, it appears she might also be in an enclosure that is too big. slings usually thrive in close quarters (from my experience). What is Jessica’s DLS? And what is the size of the enclosure she’s in? It could just be the way I’m viewing the picture so I thought I would ask. But definitely stop digging her up.
You are 100% right and my roommate and my husband are really mad at me about what I do. Thankfully I think she's patient with me. And I'm putting less dirt in enclosure. I think you might be male. I happen to be a mother and we are crazy. And our kids do love us anyway. But I really truly understand where you're coming from and I wish I wasn't so worried about her but I'm doing what I can to make my invasiveness not necessary. Believe me I care very very much about her she means the world to me. And I love how much you love these creatures. They are precious

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