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New home for A. seemanni!

New home for A. seemanni!

Nervous lady's new home, hope she'll love it!
Looks awesome, nice job. I have the same skull in my G pulchripes enclosure :)
@Bingyu Yeah, it really does :)
I know s lot of people don't recommend putting skulls into enclosures due to danger of tarantula hurting itself if she falls on the skull but somehow an enclosure isn't as beautiful without it :D
@Marija Oh, really? I have never heard that before:(, I will pay more attention. One of the reasons that I'm fanatical about tarantulas as pets is that I do love to see their movements in a natural habitat. :T:
@Bingyu Yeah but I don't see any danger in your case since the enclosure is not too high. I for example have a L parahybana in a large fish tank which is really high (two lengths of my T) so I had to cover the skull a bit with substrate to cover all the pointy ends in case she climbs the glass and falls.

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