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Morning has broken....

Morning has broken....

Day lights to compliment the "night night my pretty" gallery post.
Awesome setup! Where do you get your acrylic enclosures? Also, what type of lighting do you use at night?
@Casey K. Hi, happy new year. The tanks are glass with am acrylic sliding roof that I also "peg" at the top so it does not slide open by mistake. They are the reptile one dessert starter kit. Not sure if they are available in US but readily available on well known auction sites. The lights are little aquarium hang on LEDs from China (again from auctiin site and they do both US and UK versions and are all 12volts) I have removed the hang on bit and fixed to the back of the tank with epoxy resin so the sliding mechanism is not affected. I have then rewired the lights so that both the white and blue leds can be timed to come on at different times. Then repeated this process 8 times lol (2 to be installed later when the avics grow on a bit). The Reptile one starter kit also comes with a 1watt heat mat and a resin dessert landscape with a burrow and a water dish and plastic plants. I do not use any of them apart from turning the landscape vertically to provide a "cave" that I am going to use for the 2 tanks to be set up later for the Avics with branches and plants leading up to it. Sorry for such a long post I can send some pics and links if you are interested in doing something similar.

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