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Hysterocrates sp. Cameroon

Hysterocrates sp. Cameroon

Rehouse these little girls today since I had no substrate left for it last week
Marvelous T! You got an awesome collection my dude, how many you got thus far?
@SikmT7 that’s me got 17 individuals would have been 18 but had a death on Monday. I only have 10 different species though as I have 2 of most things lol
@AndrewClayton oh wow, that is very impressive! I only have 8, going on 9 waiting for my Hapalopus sp columbia (large) to be shipped to me. I have majority Aphonopelma species, all mine are new world, I need an old world to amp things up! Sorry about your loss, I know how it feels, I lost 3 in the past :(.
@SikmT7 old worlds are great I rushed into them when I started the the hobby but luckily it is very much doable if you get a sling you grow in experience with it. I obviously wouldn’t recommend it if you never kept a Tarantula before but, you with 9 Ts already I think you should be ready to make the jump also my P Cambridgei is a lot meaner than my P Regalis the Regalis is fast but just retreats when disturbed the Cam throws up threats so not all old worlds are as bad as made out to be
@AndrewClayton Back in the day I had a Cyriopagopus lividum and I must have been out of my mind to get that as an amateur keeper when at that time I had less than 1 year experience lol. But that definitely propelled my confidence. I used to have a C. darlingi which had passed away a year ago, he only threw up one threat posture at me but for the most part, retreated to his burrow. I have been a T keeper for 15 years now and it's time for me to level up :). I was considering a P. cambridgei, thank you for the heads up! Maybe a P. regalis may be more suitable. I would love to get a P. regalis or P metallica as a sling to start! :D
@SikmT7 P Cambridgei are new world but good stepping stones to old world but having had old worlds in the past I don’t see why you don’t go for it get a sling of both pokies that’s what I’d do lol imo pokies are quite easy going old worlds compared to most
@AndrewClayton True indeed! I always enjoyed raising slings! They get to know you better when they grow up with you :). I was offered a Cambridgei trio for breeding but couldn't afford it at the moment otherwise it would have been an interesting breeding project for me to get experienced! Thank you for your great advice my friend!
@Enn49 Thank you my friend for enlightening me with that info! I was always fascinated by the P. metallica so striking and stunning! I might just start off with the metallica as an intro back in the old world :)

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