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Current 10 gallon setup

Current 10 gallon setup

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Hindsight being 20/20 my T and I could have gotten by with a 5 gallon enclosure just fine. I did replace an exo terra hide with a simple Y pipe, one end buried in the substrate for possible burrowing. I didn't have any control over what went in and out of the cave, often times the dubia roaches would just bury themselves underneath it. It was very annoying. The tarantula itself is an Aphonopelma female, I'm not sure what species it is after it's first molt in my care. If I was going purely by labeled pictures I could say A. Anax. It is as dark or darker than the substrate. She lacks the typical adult aphonopelma bulky body, but measures at or near 4 inches in legspan, maybe after the next molt she'll get the mature body structure. She doesn't seem to know what to do with small meal worms, but immediately latches onto a passing dubia. I'll try out super worms in a week or so. I do hope she'll let me pick up that water dish! I tried tong feeding and it ended with her lunging at it, hitting the metal end instead of the small mealworm, then backing up and baring her fangs. She is moody and a little skittish, but still hungry. :confused:
@Adraps11 I always give them a minimum of a ten gallon tank as an adult, unless it's a larger species and/or male they get 20 gallon longs. :)

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