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B albiceps and "mystery" brachy?

B albiceps and "mystery" brachy?

LHS: B albiceps
RHS: What I was told to be a B albiceps when I bought someone's collection. Dis not have any pics if the collection before I rehomed them but I was not disappointed as this one has grown on me...LOL.
Yea that’s a strange looking one. Maybe a combo of the albiceps and the Aphonopelma chalcodes? I don’t even know if you can inter breed those....maybe someone that breeds can say? Weird. I would never advise hybrid breeding. Want to keep it pure, but it’s cool to look at!
@Orangebiteything yeah agree 100% I took it in as an B albiceps so was all in good faith but once I saw it, there were some differences easy to spot. I doubt the cross breeding with aphonopelma, others on the forum previously suggested possible B. klassi/ B. boheimi? I have no intention to breed from her but she is unusual and pretty...U can hear her singing..."this is who I'm meant to be, this is me!"* ha ha

*Greatest Showman just in case you are the only person on the planet who hasn't seen it...LOL.
Seeing as I made the reference to the Greatest Showman as I could hear the "mystery" Brachy singing "this is who I'm meant to be, this is me!" I have decided to call her "Keala" :)

*Keala Settle sang the song.

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