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  • O. diamantinensis
    if they are from the same sac they will mature at different rates anyway (nature's way of making sure siblings do not reproduce). Not sure on this...
  • O. diamantinensis
    I'll have to tell U. Bolt that he has a sibling (sister?) I'm hoping to get a gf lined up for him when he matures, providing I've sexed the moult...
  • O. diamantinensis
    I believe so yes. not my own breeding but bought the slings at the same time from the same supplier (from Poland)
  • O. diamantinensis
    Looks to be same size as mine......from the same clutch?
  • Anki - Sericopelma angustum
    I wasn't aware that they were as handsome as this. What a wonderful looking tarantula!

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