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  1. StumpsExotics

    US ISO Mature Female Lasiodora Parahybana

    I've got a mature male i'm trying to do my first breed project with. PM me or email at [email protected]
  2. A

    US Looking for a starter colony of T. stigmurus

    Hello, Semi new to scorpion care but have been taking care of inverts off and on through my life. I love the idea of communal species and am looking for some T. stigmurus scorpions to get my own colony started. Thanks for looking!
  3. babyjacks

    US Looking for F c.elegans!

    Hi everyone, my name is Jackie I’m 21 and i was scared of arachnids my whole life until about 3 weeks ago when I found a YouTube channel dedicated mostly to tarantulas. I couldn’t stop watching and I stopped being scared of arachnids so much so that I have decided to get a T. I want to start...
  4. TarantulaAndersen

    US Wanted Eupalaestrus Campastratus

    Looking for Eupalaestrus Campastratus tarantulas, please let me know if you have any available and willing to ship to Iowa :)
  5. Alli D.

    US WANTED - Grammostola Pulchra and/or Brachypelma Smithi

    I am looking for a Grammostola Pulchra and/or Brachypelma Smithi. Preferably juvenile/subadult sexed females. I am located in MD and would be willing to travel locally for pickup. Thank you.