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tarantula for sale

  1. C

    GBB, Avid Avic, Mexican Red Knee, pumpkin patch large

    HMU if u tryna gran my Ts. I dont have enough time to take care if them so would be much appreciated if you would hmu. Selling Cheap @949-662-5282
  2. thespiderroom

    US 25% OFF SALE!!! Tarantulas, True Spiders, Scorpions and Centipedes For Sale

    We are open to the public Mon, Wed & Thur 12-5pm, Tues & Fri is by appointment only 8659 Red Oak St. Unit B Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 We are located within another business called TLC. Go down the hall and we are at the end on your left in Room B. Thanks, Matt Owner - The Spider Room...
  3. thespiderroom

    25% OFF SALE!!! Tarantulas, True Spiders, Scorpions and Centipedes For Sale

    25% OFF SALE USE CODE: TSR25 Sale Ends 4/5/24 at Midnight EST. Discounts are good online or in store. $50 Min order (Not including Shipping or Tax) before coupon will work. Min order does not need to be met with in store purchases, only for shipping purposes. Come see us at the Orange...
  4. T

    US Rehoming no cost

    I do not care about pricing I have no set price and I am willing to give him for free I'm looking for someone to take my Mexican copper head tarantula as I am no longer able to keep him I got him a few days ago from am abusive home where unfortunately he did suffer injury. I have no idea what I...
  5. S

    US ++ Asian Fawn C. Huahini, Red Baboon, Israeli Pillar Tail Scorpions, Suwat Armored Trapdoor Spiders, French Guinea B & R Curtain Spider...++ 4SALE!

    * Cameroon Red Baboon T babies (approx. dime size) ,$45 * Adult Female Asian Fawn T $50 * Israeli Pillar Tail Scorpion. $35 * French Guinea Black & Red Curtain Web Spider $50 * Suwat Armored Trapdoor Spider $120 * Regal Jumping Spider (L4-L6) $35 **Buyer is responsible for next day...
  6. thespiderroom

    25% OFF SALE!!! Tarantulas, True Spiders, Scorpions and Centipedes For Sale

    TARANTULA FORUM ONLY SALE 25% OFF!!! 25% OFF - Use Code "TFORUM25" - Min Order $50 Sale starts now and will end Nov 26th at Midnight pst. You must meet the minimum order requirements for the codes to work. This does not include shipping or tax. These discounts work for either online purchases...
  7. thespiderroom

    US 20%-30% SALE!!! Tarantulas, True Spiders, Scorpions and Centipedes For Sale

    20%-30% SALE!!! Use the following codes to get the discounts 20% OFF - "FANGS20" Min Order: $100 30% OFF - "FANGS30" Min Order: $250 SALE STARTS NOW AND WILL BE GOOD UNTIL MONDAY 5/14/2023 AT MIDNIGHT PST. Coupons will not work until the minimum order is reached. This does not include...
  8. R

    Hey I'm new here and I'm look for some additions to my pack

    Hello I'm currently look for some additions to my collection for my breeding projects and also just species I would like to keep, Panama blondes , von rios, and adult male pumpkin patch for my sweet girl, 2 x sexed pink toe tarantulas, and I also want to get some adult pairs of different...
  9. DevTheBoy00

    US Updated Selling Prices and Info!

    SO I've found out some more accurate labelling and pricing for these two; 1x 4" Costa Rican Striped Knee Male $30 + Shipping 1x 2' Mexican Redknee Male$40 + Shipping $60 for both No Delivery on Temp over 80 degrees Whatever happens in shipping I'm not responsible for, but I will pack them...