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  1. T

    Hey... from Germany

    Hello, I just started to get into the hobby. Even though I wanted to get spiders for several years now, and two years ago bought a big enclosure for a big spider (I wanted either T. stirmi or Xenesthis Immanis) I had now the passion to get started... I keep a X.I. female (~4-4,5cm body) now...
  2. anorachnid

    U.K. Male Theraphosa Stirmi for Breeding

    Hello there, I have 2 adult female T. Stirmis and I am looking for a male or two for breeding I am open to loaning or purchasing a confirmed adult male T. Stirmi (I would also be willing to buy a sub-adult male) I'm not really interested in breeding for money, I only want to keep a few slings...
  3. Tony's Ts

    US Wanted T Strimi(ies?)

    Looking for a reasonably priced, female T stirmi sling or juvie Regards, Tony