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@saved bygrace

  1. L. parahybana sling

    L. parahybana sling

    My baby thirsty getting her drink on.
  2. A. seemani (Adult Female)

    A. seemani (Adult Female)

    Going to give her fresh water and she said "Oh nah, you ain't taking my water dish!" This is her typical routine when I change her water
  3. Takedown Thursday #3

    Takedown Thursday #3

  4. Takedown Thursday #2

    Takedown Thursday #2

  5. Takedown Thursday #1

    Takedown Thursday #1

  6. Lasiodora parahybana

    Lasiodora parahybana

    My baby is a warrior! Do you see the size of that cricket?! Feeshly molted 10/19.
  7. M. balfouri Post up!

    M. balfouri Post up!

    Threat pose after a cricket pissed him off! My wife thought it was cute ❤
  8. L parahybana Sling

    L parahybana Sling

    Nice and fat after that one cricket that outsized her but didn't phase this lil one!
  9. B. boehmi

    B. boehmi

    Confirmed female! Almost ready for her buffet!
  10. L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    L. parahybana sling fresh molt

    My wife's LP just molted today, she and I are so ecstatic! It's her first T! Look for her in the forum and give her a warm welcome her user name is Saved Bygrace. Thank you my T family, love you all!