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  1. TwinkleToes19

    Somewhat freshly molted Curly Hair

    Disclaimer: I fed her in the second picture a week after she molted for those who may be worried.
  2. LeoGeo

    Ventral P Metallica

    I see ventrals don’t get frequent replies, but still waiting for the first molt so I’ll try my luck :)
  3. ArachnoHorn

    Your rarest T

    Hi all, This thread is for you to show off your rarest Ts! Take a picture of your T and post it on here.
  4. henri_the_spider

    Gorgeous pictures 2.0

    Yoo, Just found another incredible photographer! Julian Kamzol or better knowen as MyGale has got some pretty cool macro-pics of spiders and insects. I've linked you the flickr acc again and his website. https://mygale.de/en/more-23-poster/ Really recommend checking him out! Wish ya all a...
  5. henri_the_spider

    amazing pictures

    Hey guys, I just discovered this site on flicker with these amazing tarantula pictures. I wanted to share it with someone and since I'm annoying my friends a bit with my t-love, here we go… (It's a link, U can click on it…) Greetings from the rainy Austria
  6. Cavity

    Molted but hasn't come out if webbing?

    Hi, im still fairly new with tarantulas and this is my first molting experience and im a little worried my t isnt okay. My pink toe started her webbing sept. 12 and completely shedded her old exoskeloton Nov. 3 but still hasnt come out of her cocoon... is this okay? She's been in her web...
  7. Dave Jay

    Photo Editing Software

    I'm currently looking for free photo editors to download, not online editors. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't need all the bells and whistles, on my pc I use Microsoft Office Photo Editor, but I don't have Office on my netbook so I'm looking for something similar. All I need to do...