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  1. TwinkleToes19

    Superworm crowding?

    I've noticed after cleaning their enclosure my superworms have been crowding in the corners? Should I be worried or this just normal behavior? I use wheat bran bedding (1 inch atm) and feed them carrots every couple of days. They're are roughly 30 worms in the container. The temperature is also...
  2. AntrozousPallidus12

    US 2,000+ organic mealworms (Western Mass)

    I have about 2,000+ big organic mealworms (grown on organic wheat bran and organic carrots only) available. Can use to start your own mealworm farm or to feed directly to pets. Can buy smaller quantities for less. PM me for pricing. Can only do direct pickup or meetup in Western Mass. No...
  3. Dave Jay

    A Simple Feeder Set Up

    In my experience this is a simple set up that works for breeding mealworms and roaches, and for keeping and growing crickets. If you have other methods or tweeks on this method please add them to the thread. Obtain a Critter Keeper or similar, or a tub with a lot of ventilation. Pour in a...