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local pickup

  1. M

    US New World Tarantulas for local pickup-Boston

    Rehoming some tarantulas with the current enclosures- prices negotiable. In the greater Boston area, local pickup only please. Subadult Brachypelma hamorii, unsexed and acquired as an approximately 1/2” spiderling on 09/09/2021- $75 2 unsexed Kochiana brunnipes, acquired 4/2021 as 1/4”...
  2. DevTheBoy00

    US Updated Selling Prices and Info!

    SO I've found out some more accurate labelling and pricing for these two; 1x 4" Costa Rican Striped Knee Male $30 + Shipping 1x 2' Mexican Redknee Male$40 + Shipping $60 for both No Delivery on Temp over 80 degrees Whatever happens in shipping I'm not responsible for, but I will pack them...