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leopard gecko

  1. 20200216_171554.jpg


    Ever seen the movie Spun? Looking at this pic makes me feel like I'm in that movie!
  2. 20200216_171504.jpg


    Goku is angry because I had to do maintanence! But at least he has stopped biting :)
  3. 20200216_171550.jpg


    Hi! I'm Goku! Chi Chi's boyfriend! I was purchased to be bred with Chi Chi and when she went to a new home I followed a few months later!
  4. 20200216_171219.jpg


    Oops! Sorry! Didn't know the flash was on. She makes the same face while turning her snout up when food isn't to her satisfaction.
  5. 20200216_171240.jpg


    Chi Chi is getting big!
  6. 20190722_214248.jpg


    Hi! I'm Chi Chi! Got a worm for me?