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hapalopus sp. columbia

  1. First instar close up

    First instar close up

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "large" first instar under the microscope. They already have eyes and setae and are climbing the coffee filter sides.
  2. Pumpkin Patch sac

    Pumpkin Patch sac

    H sp Colombia large was paired about 2-3 weeks ago, saw this today
  3. Hapalopus sp. Colombia "gross" (large)

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "gross" (large)

    This fellow is in premolt, again
  4. Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    Hapalopus sp. Columbia large

    I thought both these guys were in premolt, but #1 came out when I opened to clean the poo-poo water dish. Offered a cricket and bam! Fatty fatty boom bah!
  5. Hapalopus feeding

    Hapalopus feeding

    Fed H. Sp. Colombia 3 hours ago and it's still sitting on that cricket caprisun
  6. PP#1 on walkabout

    PP#1 on walkabout

  7. PP#1 reaching out

    PP#1 reaching out

    #1 is way more active and inquisitive than #2
  8. D

    US 3 MM tarantulas for breeding

    Wasn't exactly sure where in the forum to post this. I have three mature male tarantulas of the following species. I am looking for breeding opportunities for them. Let me know if you can help. Dates listed are the dates they matured. Avicularia Avicularia 9/10/19 Hapalopus sp. columbia 1/27/20...
  9. Houdini as the magician.

    Houdini as the magician.

    Houdini when he was so tiny! Had to change him from his dixie cup to a maggot container. He was known for getting out through the thin lip of his first enclosure and would always... ALWAYS make a line for my plants. So this is six days into his new home. After the move, no escapes. :3
  10. Houdini before his move.

    Houdini before his move.

    A couple of weeks I did a rehouse of my little escape artist. He's growing like a weed so I assume, for a dwarf that he's a boy but we'll see after he molts. If you all can't tell, he's my one and only hapalopus columbian large species. And yes I've asked for a macro camera for xmas.
  11. Gunnies Spiders

    US AFs C.Perezmilesi,H.Sp Klein,Versi,slings etc!

    For sale: A Few Gems! AF Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 2” 3 years old. Recently molted female in pic! $125 (2 others available) AF Hapalopus Sp Klein 2.5” 3+ years old...Max size! $100 (2 available) Caribeña Versicolor 1.75” Unsexed...Nice sized! Awesome colors $55 Limited Supply!!! Not...
  12. Gunnies Spiders

    US Slings!!!! Slings packs!! Dubias!!

    UNSEXED SLINGS: Brachypelma Albopilosum .5"+ (Hobby form) $12 Caribena Versicolor 1" $25 or 3/$60 Ceratogyrus Marshalli 3/4" $15 Sale! or 3/$30 Davus Fasciatus 1" $30 (Limited!) Hapalopus Sp. Columbia (Lg) .5" Well started for this species! $15 Sale! Haplocosmia Himalayana 3/4"...