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grammostola rosea

  1. T

    20 yr old Rose hair stuck carapace molt

    Hi all, I have been caring for a 20+yr old rose hair at my university for the past couple years-- she is a "class pet" for the invertebrate zoology course. I'm rather fond of her even though she hates me. This past weekend (9-16) she molted as she does every year/every other year at this point...
  2. Grammostola "Fatalis" rosea

    Grammostola "Fatalis" rosea

    My lovely rosea sling
  3. A

    Little Digger! G. Rosea (allegedly)

    Hey everyone! This will be my first post. Please don't roast me, I can't handle the heat. I am new to the hobby, got my first C. Versicolor around the beginning of last month. Since then, I have picked up a few others... one of which is a G. rosea (I think. was unlabeled and inexpensive...
  4. M

    U.K. T-Baby

    Received female G.rosea from T-Baby today. All marks are out of five ... Packaging: 5/5 - inner and outer packaging well suited, packing peanuts used, cushioning used, heat pack kept away from the spider. Space for the spider was adequate but not too big. Outer box marked as carrying live...