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    I don't have favorites, I don't have favorites, I...don't?
  2. Feeding


    She's so fast!
  3. cheddarappleandhoney

    Chilobrachys sp. Kontum

    Hi guys! Wanted to share these pics of my new Kontum. I can’t find any other photos of them online, so I plan to try and post a pic with every molt (if the spider lets me lol). It’s about 1/2inch maybe 3/4 right now
  4. cheddarappleandhoney

    Chilobrachys sp. Kontum hobby name and info?

    Hi all! First post here! I’ve impulsively ordered a Chilobrachys sp. Kontum sling from Tarantula Canada [among others of different genus] because I’ve wanted a Chilo and it was pretty cheap. It had no photo listed. When I look up the Kontum I get a few hits for the Vietnam Blue, but I’m seeing...
  5. Dinin


    My Chilobrachys Sp. "Long Boi" Or formerly, Chilobrachys Sp. "Most Hamsom"
  6. Hagraven

    US Huahini looking for Love

    I live in the United States, East Coast, and am seeking a mature male Chilobrachys Huahini to pair with my Female. I am happy to offer the seller of this lucky gentleman at least half of any spiderlings produced from the pairing- for free, minus shipping costs. If local pick up is possible...
  7. Hagraven

    MF Chilobrachys Huahini looking for MM

    I have a mature female ready to breed. This would be my first time pairing and I would keep a few spiderlings for myself, but half of any successful sack are yours- just pay for shipping. I live on the east coast of the United States and would prefer a local pickup, if at all possible. 100%...
  8. Myrtle doing happy dance

    Myrtle doing happy dance

    Chilobrachys sp. Nong Ya Plong female
  9. Pretty Mystica

    Pretty Mystica

  10. "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    "Metal Sonic" showing some of their new colors :)

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue As of this most recent molt you can see the beautiful blues on their fangs and legs, super exciting!
  11. "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    "Metal Sonic" freshly molted

    Chilobrachys sp. electric blue Woke up this morning to a fresh molt!
  12. terrestrialtarantulas

    Chilobrachys Andersoni

    Freshly molted female. :T: Very pretty.
  13. Venomous Vixen

    Starting to get that blue color!!!

    Chilobrachys Sp electric blue. My woogie is starting to get her blue, I’m so excited!
  14. Avicularia Kael

    Chilobrachys huahini Journal

    Got another T today...
  15. C

    US Electric blue sp. Chilobrachys

    looking to buy an electric blue maybe looking for more than one depending on price. Located in Illinois.
  16. 0.1 Chilobrachys sp. "Vietnam Blue"

    0.1 Chilobrachys sp. "Vietnam Blue"

    She's one feisty gal! Absolutely gorgeous though.