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brachypelma auratum

  1. ItsukinoKira

    B. auratum and T. vagans :D

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since I came here with something more than likes and love reactions c: I wanted to get a new tarantula sooner but I was waiting for the weather to be a little bit less cold so they could be a little more comfortable. Recently I got a B. auratum and a T. vagans...
  2. Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula How to Care for the Brachypelma auratum

    Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula How to Care for the Brachypelma auratum

    This week I cover care, husbandry, and feeding for the Brachypelma auratum (Mexican Flame Knee Tarantula). I discuss the care, husbandry, feeding, history, general info and enclosures for this species. This includes handling, temperature, humidity, set up, enclosure, substrate, lifespan, & more.
  3. 20200731_214628.jpg


    This is my son, Liam. This is also my Brachypelma auratum (unsexed). I told Liam that I am unsure if it's a boy or girl and asked him what we should name it. He said "let's name him Flex- because he's speedy", lol. Too cute. As we all know, auratum are a bit "nervous" for a Brachy.
  4. 20200216_195424.jpg


    Brachypelma auratum sling. I call this one Jabba for obvious reasons. At least it has come out of its pill jar after I rehoused it a while ago.